Our Owner

Our owner is very passionate about the medical marijuana industry and shares his personal story of his own medical struggles that led him to having that passion to help and educate others who can benefit from the uses of medicinal medical marijuana.

For the past 10 years, he has been advocating and providing patient consultations. He is an industry expert and passionate about ensuring success of medicinal cannabis as a safe and effective intervention for a number of chronic disease symptoms.

He spent 8 years cultivating medicinal marijuana as well as 9 years consulting in the medical marijuana industry. He has a vast knowledge and numerous years of experience in cannabis cultivation and cannabis extractions.

Medical Cannabis Experience

Our owner sought after and paid for accredited medical cannabis seminars designed for and presented by healthcare professionals and researchers from around the world equalling 46 CME credits. During this time, he also helped edit as well implement Proposition 203 AZ MMJ Program. In addition to his time advocating for medical cannabis, he attended and graduated from Oaksterdam University in California. He helped produce a documentary which released at all Harkins Theaters in Arizona – “Chronic Future-Killing Cancer” working alongside publicly traded research group Cannabis Science Inc,. and it’s founder Dr. Robert Melamede. He also played an integral part in assisting in the process of helping to open a cannabis recommendation clinic called Phoenix Green Cross.

Served With Multiple Organizations

He has served with multiple organizations and assisted in bringing medical marijuana education and awareness to the general public. These organizations included Norml (Arizona chapter), Safer (Arizona chapter), Camp 420, Veterans Rooting for Veterans, and AZFMR (Arizonans for Mindful Regulation-Where he helped draft and submit a recreational bill for adult use in Arizona).

He grew up with a father who worked a salaried position but still made time to run and be elected for local government as an unpaid volunteer with the intent of helping his community. It’s in his DNA to use his abilities to benefit others and he has background to offer unique solutions to medical cannabis.

Since moving back Home to Kansas City about 4 years ago, to raise his family, he has planned and successfully open this medical marijuana recommendation clinic.

Please join us on the journey to give patients the ability to get the medicine they need and deserve!



Conditions for a Missouri medical marijuana card include: pain, cancer,  seizures, and PTSD, plus several more


It’s a simple 3-step process that includes filling out a form and visiting a qualified physician


Contact your physician to get your medical records with your qualifying condition diagnosis